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This web site is dedicated to the music of Australian musicians Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones, collectively known as Savage Garden.

In this discography, I will attempt to make some sense of the numerous Savage Garden releases around the world. As a collector, this is the type of document I wish I had when I began collecing Savage Garden's releases. There is no reporting here on the band members themselves. If you wish news, lyrics, or photo of the band members, please visit Savage Garden Central.

This will site will remain low-band width for the near future, and the discography itself will remain in text format unless there is demand for an HTML version.

I am always looking for information for the discography. If you have any of the releases that have incomplete entries, or any releases I have missed, please email me (crowtrbt@ns.sympatico.ca).

I hope you enjoy the discography, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy Savage Garden's music.

Please email me at J. Kevin Wells (crowtrbt@ns.sympatico.ca)

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